I’ll Do the Grunt Work and SEO Heavy Lifting You Need (In Muskegon)

I Am A Top-Flight SEO Growth Hacker, Writer and Editor in Muskegon

I’d like to offer you my services, but this kind of brilliance don’t come cheap, citizen. And it doesn’t happen at all if you’re looking for a writer and editor in Muskegon.

I’ll be glad to furnish you with a list of references, all of whom believe that I’m a sort of Gent Above Gents. Beloved by all, I’m old enough to know how little I know, and experienced enough not to fall down the Rabbit Hole.

The linked clippings should give you a rough idea of who I am and perhaps demonstrate my healthy contempt for journalism and marketing as professions I love.

As it stands, most of the world of journalism and marketing is crawling with insensate dullards, inexperienced hacks, myopic careerists and other wretched peckerheads worthy of the bastinado.

I’ve written everything from corporate propaganda to school board twaddle to crime beat stories and concert reviews.

How To Find the Best SEO Writer and Editor in Muskegon

I can be available 25 hours a day (through the wonders of modern communications technology), live on any bloated salary, and not only tolerate, but learn from, a wide variety of fellow human beings from the slothful to the sublime.

But bottom line? The most engaging writing and content goes begging in the ether without an SEO strategy and a commitment to entertaining and informing your audience – before you pick their pockets and sell them your highly valuable snake oil…

While it might occasionally require being capable of intellectual pursuits, being an Editor and Writer these days is more about empathy and understanding human nature. That’s how you move the needle and collect them eyeballs.

This is the simple solution to writing for SEO, but be forewarned, the details make the monument:

  • Choose a keyword. This is a word or phrase that you want to show up on the first page of search engines results. …
  • Write a supremely considered set of titles and headlines
  • Make damn certain your cornerstone keywords are included in the page or post URL
  • Link to other pages on your site and throughout your social media sphere – using anchor text – and make sure all your posts include images
  • Coax influencers, authors, and websites to link to your targeted content.

If you don’t need a talent of my stature and deep humility, good luck to you. I gave you some cogent and useful information – free of charge. Consider this the last grunt work I do without extracting my toll to pay for my happy hour tabs and sell your product and your vision of the future.


T. Edward Halterman, Boulevardier

If you need a speedy, accurate and personalized bit of SEO copy in Muskegon, Michigan? Please see what I can do for you here...


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