My Goal Is To Lose You As An SEO Client

While SEO and web marketing for a small business in Muskegon might seem like some sort of dark art, a kind of techno alchemy, it’s really much simpler than all that…

It’s more of a “nose to the grindstone” problem. Sure, there’s technology involved, but pushing your business or service out to customers who actually need your help is the bottom line. And that means putting in the heavy lifting. And that means creating content.

So what does the Google algorithm love right now? In a nutshell: long-form content. And not simply content, but useful, targeted properly formatted content. And it needs to be comprehensive and packed with information. And writing takes time you just don’t have.

Any business or service in Muskegon needs to keep their message and their story in front of the people to grow, and you do that by making your unique story available to anyone who searches for the things you do.

Doing that means setting up a search-engine friendly framework and integrating your content with social media. It means cutting down on the busy work of regularly updating your story and your message.

My name’s Todd Halterman, and I’ve been doing exactly that for clients for the last eight years. During those years on the job, I’ve made nearly every mistake it’s possible to make – and I’ve also learned some astonishing lessons.

Those lessons have helped me build an easy to teach (and easy to maintain) toolset that is a guaranteed winner when it comes to capturing an audience.

Here’s a simple outline of how I’ll do it for you and your business:

  • Build and host a speedy, mobile-friendly and effective WordPress site
  • Integrate that new site with three major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest)
  • Set up Google Analytics and reporting to show you who cares about your message and how you can reach them in targeted ways with specific methods and messages
  • Spend a relatively tiny amount of your hard-earned money with Google Adwords and Facebook – and truly understand how those ad platforms work
  • Regularly write, publish and refine long-form content which tells your story and describes your product or service
  • Show people your product or service with attractive photography which is correctly tagged, sized and indexed.

Without entirely giving away the “keys to the kingdom” before you hire me, here are my rules for pushing up to the top the search engine results pages:

  • Post at least one blog article a week of more than 2,000 words
  • Spend time actually identifying and understanding your customers
  • Do thorough keyword research and experiment
  • Build “microsites” which feature your content and form partnerships with other complementary businesses
  • Constantly update your progress and operations with engaging photos

You know why I’m not afraid to tell you all this? Because what I’m describing is a whole bunch of time-consuming work you don’t have the hours to take on.

I have those hours, and once I have the framework in place for you and get the ball rolling, I’ll train you how to use the┬ámachinery – and you’ll be able to can me.

That’s right. My goal is to lose you as a client. And once you’ve called me on the carpet and officially fired me, you’ll take everything I’ve helped you build with you to use as you see fit, and then perhaps we’ll head out for Happy Hour somewhere.

So how much will all this awesome cost, you may ask?

You can read all about that here…

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